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March 19, 2012
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An Ethical Voice Silenced

I was riding in the back of a cab some where between Detroit and Troy, Michigan when I knew he had died.  The Maine area code on my iPhone told me even before I heard the voice on the other end that Rush Kidder was no more.


Doing Good Does NOT Make you Responsible

Posted June 8, 2010

Why does no one trust BP CEO Tony Hayward?  No one trusts Tony Hayward because he and BP have not made -- never made -- the conscious decision to be responsible and every action they take continues to demonstrate their lack of responsibility.  Take their continued reluctance to be transparent.  They show zero interest in measuring or disclosing the true amount of oil coming out of that well.  They release information on their repair operations on a "need to know basis."

No amount of "make good" -- in fact no amount of doing good -- can make up for a fundamental lack of character.  BE transparent Tony.  BE Accountable Tony.  BE Responsible Tony.  Then you can try to earn back our trust.




Busting the Myth: Corporate Responsibility is NOT a New Phenomenon

Posted: June 7, 2010

Left to themselves companies -- particularly big businesses -- have always been and always will be nothing but profit-pursuing machines, blindly chasing their bottom lines without concern for society.  Thank God for the corporate responsibility movement and the new laws coming down.  These will finally force business to think about more than the bottom line and care about society.

False.  False, and... False.


Government Contracting: A Practical Way Forward on Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility

Posted May 26th, 2010

After a bruising health care battle, financial reform still hanging in the balance, a still-struggling economy, and (oh yeah!) mid-term elections around the corner how can the Obama Administration make progress on climate change and corporate responsibility?  The same way government has pushed forward on lots of other social change programs: use the power of the purse.


Where do we go from here? Looking at the BP Oil Spill from the viewpoint of the CR profession.

Posted:  May 21, 2010
As a society and as a profession where do we go from here?  Do we neeed more laws and regulations or do we need a greater force of will and determination to hold our companies and ourselves to a higher standard?  We can't comply our way to greatness.  When compliance becomes the goal, no one takes responsibility.  When compliance becomes the goal, no one goes above and beyond. 

More Schools Making the Sustainability Grade

Report shows progress in adopting sustainable campus and endowment practices

The College Sustainability Report Card, now in its third year, found that 66% of the 191 schools it evaluated over the last two years improved their overall sustainability grade, “in part reflecting concern about climate change and the realities of rising oil and gas prices.”

The report, produced by the nonprofit Sustainable Endowments Institute in Cambridge, Mass., this year looks at 300 colleges that together hold more than 90 percent of all university endowments.


Preparing For Success in the Carbon-Constrained Economy

Embedding eco-consciousness starts with measuring environmental impact and following market trends, regulations

Like it or not, the carbon-constrained economy is coming. It’s an economy where marketplace forces will demand that companies minimize their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in response to the global climate change issue. It’s an economy where a company’s carbon footprint and GHG emissions profile will have a significant impact on its bottom line. And it’s an economy where companies that apply carbon-savvy thinking to their business decisions will have a clear competitive advantage over those that don’t.


Sustainability for the Long Haul

Looking ‘Upstream,’ Waste Management bulks up on materials management

Every corporate board is—or should be—focused on how to minimize its environmental footprint, and waste-solutions provider Waste Management, the largest recycling outfit in North America, is in the mix when it comes to many of those discussions and consultations.

A public company with $13.3 billion in revenue last year, Waste Management is a power in waste-to-energy production, materials management, recycling and trash hauling.

Jim Cramer, the sometimes-trash-talking host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” recently termed Waste Management CEO David Steiner, who has led the company since 2004, “the most pro-shareholder guy I know” among CEOs outside the oil and gas industry, adding that Waste Management is “a really good company” with lots of financial clout.



Office Depot Initiates NEW Program for Recycled Electronics

Product supplier offers small businesses, consumers gift cards for old equipment

Office Depot recently launched an electronics trade-in system that pays customers to recycle their old small to medium-size electronics. The project is powered by services and product-support provider NEW Customer Service Cos. and is intended to both help the environment and people and businesses affected by the economic downturn, the company said.



IBM Champions Less Servers, Optimized Service for U.S. Open

Sustainable website management part of technology company's larger green program

As millions of tennis fans visit the U.S. Open tennis tournament website in the next two weeks to check on the fates of Venus Williams or Rafael Nadal, IBM is operating the site with 54 fewer servers than it did two years ago, in an efficiency push reflected in the company’s larger green initiatives.

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