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March 01, 2012
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CROA Empowers Individuals at All Levels to Take Action and Improve Corporate Responsibility
CROA is expanding to engage individuals at every level of an organization to enhance the role of businesses in society, transitioning from an organization-focused membership to a professional society with individual memberships and organizational underwriters to increase access to services. 
This change helps focus the work of the association on the individual corporate responsibility practitioner and allows for strengthening of the profession and broader involvement in recognition of the increasing interest in and proliferation of this role.  CROA will for the first time allow aspiring practitioners to engage as general members, retains its close ties with CR practitioners as practicing members, and continues its multi-stakeholder involvement of corporations, non-profits, government and academic institutions.
Organization members continue to be essential to the ongoing success of CROA.  Their support associates their name with improving the effectiveness of corporate responsibility and provides their CR practitioners with access to important services and programs.  Now, they have the added ability to underwrite specific programs of interest:  Professional Development, Research & Analysis, Public Policy, ResponsibilityWorks, Thought Leadership or Ratings & Rankings.

Why Join?

CEOs, customers, investors, employees, lenders, suppliers, community organizations, and regulators all agree: responsibility is good business. We know it instinctively, but how do we effectively implement it in our organizations?

CROA accelerates corporate responsibility across environmental sustainability, best practices in governance, social responsibility and philanthropy, worldwide.

As our member, you join us as we gather a community of like-minded individuals and organizations to advance the profession through:

  • Focus on the individual: Advocating for, representing, and giving voice and power to the individual.
  • Advancing the Status of the Profession:  Raising the profile of the profession and professional in the eye of employers, peers, legal authorities, and the public, creating a respected voice on policy issues, ratings, and rankings representing the profession/profesisonal.
  • Developing the Profession:  Articulating a body of knowledge, codes of conduct, ethics policies and other attributes of the profession to advance its status.
  • Developing the Practitioner:  Creating the knowledge, tools and resources for the individual practitioner to be more effective in their jobs.

 This will primarily be accomplished by:

  • Sharing best practices and covering the state of the art in corporate resopnsibility
  • Linking responsible practices to business and financial outcomes
  • Managing CR practices as they apply to all major stakeholder groups, enterprise‐wide
  • Making our promises to stakeholders operational and cost‐effective by accessing resources inside and outside our organizations and leveraging the power of partnerships
  • Accelerating learning curves by sharing operational practices in environmental sustainability, best practices in governance, social responsibility, and philanthropy
  • Building networks to support growth in the CR profession
  • Building shared understanding of CR’s role as a critical element in competitive advantage in good and bad economic conditions.

CROA focuses on the four professional domains within Corporate Responsibility:

  • Sustainability
  • Best Practices in Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Philanthropy

Through the CROA, Commit!Forum, and CR Magazine, members have access the most‐trusted repositories of knowledge, networking, and content in the field as they convene with the experts and organizations in all four CR disciplines globally.  And through our partnership with NYSE Euronext and its ~6,500 listed companies, you join the largest independent CR community focused on an integrated view of responsibility practices.

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