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February 20, 2012
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Showcasing Supply Chains

A few years ago, Nike paid the price for the bad labor and human rights practices of its suppliers.  Now it's Apple's turn in the penalty box.

In stark contrast, McDonald’s has put its suppliers front-and-center in a series of heartwarming new ads.  McDonald’s put faces, names, and voices to these folks.  Frank Martinez, potato supplier.  Dirk Giannini, lettuce supplier.  Steve Fogelsong, beef supplier.

Ethical Dilemma #1: A Gaggle of Privacy Concerns -- When Truth Conflicts with Loyalty

Posted October 8, 2010

The CROA’s Professional Development Committee drafted an ethics code and came up with a set of ethical dilemmas to test it.  In this post we layout the overall concept of ethical dilemmas and propose the first dilemma for you -- our field testers -- to consider. 

Dilemma #1:  A Gaggle of Privacy Concerns.  Complying with a Chinese request to provide personal data would break your company's privacy policy but failure to comply breaks the law.  What do you do?




Paris: City of Insights

Posted June 29, 2010
How do you compare and contrast Corporate Responsibility in Europe vs. the US?  The CROA's European Steering Committee opened my eyes to the differences and revealed a common ground we can build upon. 


Doing Good Does NOT Make you Responsible

Posted June 8, 2010

Why does no one trust BP CEO Tony Hayward?  No one trusts Tony Hayward because he and BP have not made -- never made -- the conscious decision to be responsible and every action they take continues to demonstrate their lack of responsibility.  Take their continued reluctance to be transparent.  They show zero interest in measuring or disclosing the true amount of oil coming out of that well.  They release information on their repair operations on a "need to know basis."

No amount of "make good" -- in fact no amount of doing good -- can make up for a fundamental lack of character.  BE transparent Tony.  BE Accountable Tony.  BE Responsible Tony.  Then you can try to earn back our trust.



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