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August 26, 2011
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Responsibility Play of the Week: Jets, BP, & Tylenol

Posted September 30, 2010

Help us pick the "Responsibility Play of the Week" : an example of responsible or irresponsible behavior from any where in the world -- doesn't have to be business-related.  This week's candidates:

  • Jets bench Braylon Edwards for his DUI arrest.
  • BP gets ready for a major management shake-up
  • J&J does a phantom recall of a number of medicines

Which one should be our "Play of the Week"?



Doing Good Does NOT Make you Responsible

Posted June 8, 2010

Why does no one trust BP CEO Tony Hayward?  No one trusts Tony Hayward because he and BP have not made -- never made -- the conscious decision to be responsible and every action they take continues to demonstrate their lack of responsibility.  Take their continued reluctance to be transparent.  They show zero interest in measuring or disclosing the true amount of oil coming out of that well.  They release information on their repair operations on a "need to know basis."

No amount of "make good" -- in fact no amount of doing good -- can make up for a fundamental lack of character.  BE transparent Tony.  BE Accountable Tony.  BE Responsible Tony.  Then you can try to earn back our trust.




Where do we go from here? Looking at the BP Oil Spill from the viewpoint of the CR profession.

Posted:  May 21, 2010
As a society and as a profession where do we go from here?  Do we neeed more laws and regulations or do we need a greater force of will and determination to hold our companies and ourselves to a higher standard?  We can't comply our way to greatness.  When compliance becomes the goal, no one takes responsibility.  When compliance becomes the goal, no one goes above and beyond. 

In cases like the BP Oil Spill should Corporate Responsibility Officers be held liable?

Posted: May 19, 2010

Should Tim Probert, President of Halliburton's Global Business Lines and the company's senior Environment, Health, & Safety Officer, be held criminally liable for the company's role in the BP Oil Spill?  Should BP's Corporate Responsibility officials?  Transocean's?

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