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September 05, 2011
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To change the world, change California or change Wal-Mart…or the US Federal Government

California and Wal-Mart are recognized as having far-reaching influence on our lives. California has one of the world’s largest economies. Wal-Mart’s supply chain spans huge swaths of the world economy. The US Federal government has even greater reach and impact. This is why the mission of ResponsibilityWorks is to foster and evolve corporate responsibility practices, measures, and disclosure in the government contractor community.  This will help to drive transparency and accountability across the board. 

Responsibility Play of the Week: Jets, BP, & Tylenol

Posted September 30, 2010

Help us pick the "Responsibility Play of the Week" : an example of responsible or irresponsible behavior from any where in the world -- doesn't have to be business-related.  This week's candidates:

  • Jets bench Braylon Edwards for his DUI arrest.
  • BP gets ready for a major management shake-up
  • J&J does a phantom recall of a number of medicines

Which one should be our "Play of the Week"?



Valuing Sustainability: Quantification. Evaluation. Recognition.

Posted Aug 13, 2010

How can companies quantify their sustainability?  How should customers investors evaluate that sustainability?  How should communities, regulators, and NGOs recognize and reward it?

Some thoughts on channeling your inner math-geek to capture and hold the attention of the CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO.  Tips, tools, and tactics for making the hard-data business case for sustainability.  And how to play a bigger game in advancing the debate about sustainability.



BMWs, Limos, & Bad Data: Why Transparency 1.0 is Going to Suck

 Posted July 23, 2010


The government and its military industrial complex are out fleecing America again, right?  Well, that's what the Washington Post seems to think and its reporting may drive a lot of government executives and contractors to duck for cover.  But now's the time to double down on transparency and greet scrutiny with better data.



The Buying Power of Government

Posted June 14, 2010
We've heard a lot about government as a regulator.  What about government as a buyer?  With almost half a trillion dollars in government spending that flows to government contractors, as a buyer, the US federal government is pretty much as big as it gets.  What would happen if government and industry came together to encourage corporate transparency and accountability?  What would happen if buyer and suppliers got together in the same room and decided to make a big difference in the world, not by mandate and law, but through the marketplace?
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