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August 19, 2011
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Home » To change the world, change California or change Wal-Mart…or the US Federal Government

California and Wal-Mart are recognized as having far-reaching influence on our lives. California has one of the world’s largest economies. Wal-Mart’s supply chain spans huge swaths of the world economy. The US Federal government has even greater reach and impact. This is why the mission of ResponsibilityWorks is to foster and evolve corporate responsibility practices, measures, and disclosure in the government contractor community.  This will help to drive transparency and accountability across the board. 

To understand the accelerant potential of the government sector, look at the entire supply chain in the diagram provided. Beyond the four walls of a government agency or even the reach of regulations or laws, the mission, management, and purchasing that support the government echo throughout society. The government plays both a formal – through policy, regulation, and law – and an informal role – setting an example and using its bully-pulpit. Industry both leads and follows government; trail-blazing new innovations and implementing specific guidance and requirements.
ResponsibilityWorks sees corporate responsibility driving the nation’s competitive advantage and works with government to bring it to fruition. Companies can do well by doing good. Corporate responsibility can drive better mission outcomes for governments.
To prove that responsibility pays, ResponsibilityWorks seeks firms and agencies to participate in corporate responsibility pilots to deliver better mission outcomes for government.  Read the full Call to Action for an array of potential pilot programs and examples of how other governments have taken action.  To discuss pilot ideas, please contact Kim Gilliam, Director of Communities & Member Services.

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