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March 17, 2012
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Do Corporate Responsibility “Best Practices” Really Exist?

In short, no. 
Although there are a growing number of examples of “successful practices”. More often than not, companies are still sorting out what CR really means for them. While companies have an important role to play in tackling some of our most pressing challenges, each company’s CR strategy has to make sense for their industry, their business model, and the identity of their individual organization. So rarely does CR look the same at different companies. Moreover, this remains a nascent field, making it a little early declare any practice “best”.

Get Real: The Facts on What Works in Corporate Responsibility

This year I jumped on the Corporate Responsibility cocktail circuit. I've attended literally a dozen events this year already and at every one, I eventually end up in the same conversation: cornered by a pundit opining on what companies should do.

Don't get me wrong. Many of these people not only have good intentions, they often have very good ideas. But here's what they don't have: responsibility. They're not in the chair with the actual responsibility for delivering on these programs. I used to be a consultant -- and I'm married to one -- so I know that consultants can offer a lot. But I also know, that companies can learn a lot from each other.

That's why, in cooperation with NYSE Euronext, we started the CR Best Practices Survey last year and why we continue it this year. Last year we had a terrific response rate, with over 650 companies responding. We want to beat that this year and produce the most comprehensive survey of actual successful practices; what's really working in live operations at real companies.


To change the world, change California or change Wal-Mart…or the US Federal Government

California and Wal-Mart are recognized as having far-reaching influence on our lives. California has one of the world’s largest economies. Wal-Mart’s supply chain spans huge swaths of the world economy. The US Federal government has even greater reach and impact. This is why the mission of ResponsibilityWorks is to foster and evolve corporate responsibility practices, measures, and disclosure in the government contractor community.  This will help to drive transparency and accountability across the board. 

Ethical Dilemma #3: Painting Over Problems - A Truth vs. Loyalty Dilemma

Posted November 16, 2010

In this third installment of our Ethical Dilemmas Series, Kevin Moss puts forward a Truth vs. Loyalty dilemma.  As a Corporate Responsibility professional, do you have to act when your company behaves in an unethical manner?  Other professions have positive obligations.  Should CROs?

Help us test our draft Ethics Code by playing out this scenario in your own mind and giving us your feedback.  At CRO Summit we had some great live-fire exercises.  Share how you'd resolve this dilemma and how the Ethics Code helped (or didn't).



Paris: City of Insights

Posted June 29, 2010
How do you compare and contrast Corporate Responsibility in Europe vs. the US?  The CROA's European Steering Committee opened my eyes to the differences and revealed a common ground we can build upon. 

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