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August 19, 2011
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Home » Responsibility Play of the Week: Jets, BP, & Tylenol

Starting this week, we'll have a new feature: borrowing from ESPN, with your help we'll pick a "Responsibility Play of the Week" highlighting great examples of responsibility, sustainability, & transparency -- or lack thereof -- from around the world.  Doesn't have to be business-related.  Sports, culture, politics, and of course business.  This week's candidates...
New York Jets Bench Braylon Edwards for DUI.  After getting arrested for driving under the influence the Jets benched Edwards for one quarter of their game against the Miami Dolphins.  Did the punishment fit the crime?  Or were the Jets too lenient and should've deactivate and fined him?  Or do you think he was only arrested, not convicted and we should withhold judgment for more facts?
BP Cleans House.  Incoming CEO Bob Dudley plans a major management shake-up including replacing the exec at the center of the disaster: Andy Inglis, the company’s head of exploration and production.  Was this the right move, right time?  Or is it still too little too late.  Or do you want to tell Bob, are you kidding, this company should be sold off for parts?  Or should we leave them alone, they’ve been through enough?
The J&J Phantom Recalls.  J&J -- the poster child for responsible recalls and crisis communications after its stellar handling of the Tylenol poisoning in the 1980s -- hired companies to surreptitiously buy up children's and adult Motrin from retailers without revealing the issue — a so-called "phantom recall".  CEO Bill Weldon faces tough questions from a US House Panel later today.  Was this a legit practice?  Something the FDA should ban?  Or we need more facts?
Share your thoughts!  Add a comment below and let us know which one deserves to be the "Play of the Week."



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