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February 04, 2011

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Water: the visible face of climate change

Posted September 7, 2010

Water is where climate change meets people.  As the climate changes its most visible, most pressing impact will come in how it impacts the access, availability, and cleanliness of water.  Beyond carbon, beyond greenhouse gases, water is the most pressing challenge facing every living thing on earth.






Government Contracting: A Practical Way Forward on Climate Change & Corporate Responsibility

Posted May 26th, 2010

After a bruising health care battle, financial reform still hanging in the balance, a still-struggling economy, and (oh yeah!) mid-term elections around the corner how can the Obama Administration make progress on climate change and corporate responsibility?  The same way government has pushed forward on lots of other social change programs: use the power of the purse.


JetBlue Conversion: Airline Looks to Transform Biological Materials into Fuel

Carrier partners with Airbus on ‘second-generation biofuels’


JetBlue doesn’t envision adding corn-based products to its fuel menu.

Instead, the low-cost carrier entered into an alternative fuel partnership with Airbus, Honeywell Aerospace and International Aero Engines to develop alternative jet fuels from renewable biomass sources instead of fuels derived from food products.

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