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October 06, 2011
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An economy in tatters. A government in turmoil. Trust in leaders and institutions at all time lows.

How can you navigate these waters? What can we all do to restore our collective confidence?

It starts with a return to fundamentals. The experience of the past few years has shredded our civil society, left many of our leaders so attached to being right that they can’t see their role in crushing economic growth. Overcoming these challenges will take straight-talk and a close examination of the relationships between us as individuals and the institutions that we rely on: businesses, governments, NGOs, and civil society as a whole. The COMMIT!Forum convenes on Sept 26-27 in New York City to do just that: strengthen the fabric of our society.


IBM: Advisory Vote on Pay ‘Very Interesting’

In Corporate Responsibility briefing, tech firm also says it focuses on energy efficiency

IBM considers the “say on pay” trend “very interesting,” but feels “very comfortable” with its current performance-based system, an official said. However, speaking at an IBM briefing for analysts about its Corporate Responsibility (CR) efforts June 13, Rich Calo, the company’s Vice President, Human Resources, said IBM still supports its decades-long practice of executive compensation based on performance.


Tillerson Holds Onto Both Top Roles at Exxon Mobil

Resolution to establish an independent chairman fails to gain a majority  

Exxon Mobil shareholders rejected a resolution, opposed by the company, that would have split the CEO and chairman roles, both held by Rex Tillerson, according to published reports.

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