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July 25, 2014
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Data & Research

CROA Research Programs

Sustainable Value Chain Research

CROA has launched a multi-year research project with ASQ, ISM, and with the help of Deloitte designed to provide insight in a way they hasn't been done before – ever.   The first phase, a survey, is complete; access the results below.

The State of the Corporate Responsibility Profession

View the Webcast & New Report

The CR profession is stuck in a chicken-and-egg conundrum: before employers establish a CR career path, CR needs a defined curriculum; before educational institutions invest in a defined curriculum, they need to see a clear demand for CR professionals.  
Fulfilling CR’s promise as a field and profession requires deliberate action to build a consensus within the field itself and about the field in society. Watch this webcast where BCLC’s Stephen Jordan and the CROA's Richard Crespin uncover new findings from recent research into the state of the CR profession. Click here to view the full report.

Best Corporate Citizens Benchmark

Click here to download the research propsectusRequest information on a detailed benchmarking report by emailing [email protected].

CR Magazine, NYSE Euronext & CROA's 3rd Annual CR Best Practices Survey

The findings of this research  provide the CR community with important insights on the state of corporate citizenship, how this has changed year-over-year, and some of the field's best practices. Click here to take the survey and we will share the findings with you. 
Click here for an executive summary of the 2011 survey results or CROA members click here to log in and download the complete report.

Partner Research

The reports below are available for download.


Templates for Corporate Responsibility Practitioners

CROA Professional Development Handouts
Chaired by Kevin Moss, BT, and the members of the CROA Professional Development Committee 







Corp Resp Best Prax Benchmarking.doc1.94 MB
Sustainability Survey 2010 Final.pdf1.25 MB
772079_Valuing_social_responsibility_programs.pdf436.92 KB
esg_survey_results 09.pdf1.87 MB
CR Directors Average $151K in Salary . Environmental Leader . Green Business.pdf229.28 KB
2010 Corporate Citizenship Data Elements.xls35.5 KB
CR Best Corp Citizens Data Elements 2011-12.xls48 KB
MP_WP_ISO26000_Final_020811.pdf571.94 KB
CR Best Practices 2011 - executive summary.pdf902.85 KB
CR Best Practices 2011 - full report.pdf2.26 MB
Sustainable Value Chain Research Project Overview.pdf760 bytes
Sust Value Chain Research Early Findings, What Matters - May 2012.pdf772.58 KB
Sust Value Chain Reserach, Top Practices - July 2012.pdf202.28 KB
Sust Value Chain Research, Leading Practices - Oct 2012.pdf601.76 KB

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