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July 01, 2014
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Title of Position:
Director, Corporate Responsibility/Sustainability Communications, Director, CR Communications

Reports to:
Public Affairs, Communications, Corporate Affairs, Government Affairs.

Primary purpose of the position:
The individual in this role is responsible for developing and executing a comprehensive and cohesive communications strategy for both internal and external stakeholders. This individual will be expected to connect the business agenda with broader reputation and social issues, while understanding and incorporating the commercial drivers for the business into a communications strategy.
Working closely with internal groups such as PR, HR, Government Affairs, Investor Relations, and Environmental Health and Safety as well as external stakeholders such as SRIs, NGOs, customers, etc. this professional plans, develops and leads the execution of a global CR communications plan, in alignment with the company’s sustainability goals.


  • This executive plays a leadership role in the development and execution of a CR communications strategy, including driving the production of the annual corporate responsibility report, and promoting the company's CR vision and accomplishments before internal and external audiences, including building online communities through Web presence, social media and social networking sites and working with PR and analyst relations groups to promote sustainability through these stakeholders.
  • In collaboration with relevant cross functional groups, this individual drives the development of content for CSR indices including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Oekom, Risk Metrics, KLD, CDP, etc.
  • Generate data and reports to gauge the effectiveness of print communications channels and media relations activities, and develop insights and recommendations to modify strategies as needed.
  • Act as internal knowledge resource on issue of CSR as it pertains to general information dissemination. Monitor key trends, competitive activity, and other issues of interest to the company.
  • Advise senior leaders and their key staff on communications needs related to CSR and associated issue areas.

Internal working relationships

  • Public relations, HR, Government Affairs, Investor Relations
  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Business units, supply chain

External working relationships

  • NGOs, government agencies, SRIs, customers, partners
  • Press and analysts



  • This individual should have proven communications expertise in CR and Sustainability and be well versed in current trends in this discipline.
  • Additionally, this executive should have proven experience in driving CR communications strategies, aligned to company sustainability goals.
  • The successful candidate will have strong leadership, communication and presentation skills along with 10 -15+ years experience in strategic communications, including staff management experience and the ability to build and lead teams consisting of direct reports, consultants and agencies.
  • Proven track record including successful development and implementation of diverse communications programs that improve visibility and perception.
  • Course work and/or experience in corporate social responsibility issue area(s) involving writing, public relations and messaging.
  • Superb writing and editing ability and extensive experience with one or more widely-accepted style guides.
  • Knowledge of corporate responsibility communications and media, including leading publications, journalists and trends.
  • Experience with messaging and communications strategy development, ideally in a corporate responsibility or non-profit context.
  • Ability to build and maintain relationships and partnerships with outside organizations and represent company interests.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to interact with senior executives
  • Ability to establish and meet deadlines; ability to establish clear priorities quickly
  • Commitment to and passion for CR.
  • Excellent reputation for integrity and judgment.
  • A motivator and facilitator, persuasive, diplomatic, well networked, mental flexibility and integrity, cross functional organizational ability.
  • An undergraduate degree


  • Personal experience in and passion for sustainability and philanthropic initiatives
  • Master's degree
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