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April 20, 2012
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Data & Research

The Research Committee of the CROA sets the research agenda of the Association, oversees its research programs, and coordinates its sponsorship of third party research in fulfillment of the CROA's core mission of advancing the corporate responsibility profession.

CROA Research Programs

The State of Corporate Responsibility: A Snapshot and Path Forward

Where does the field of Corporate Responsibility stand today?  How will the field's set of knowledge, skills and attributes mature?  These are the key questions addressed by a new report in development by CROA in partnership with the Business Civic Leadership Center.  We have released the preliminary findings, with the full report expected out in March 2012.

Click here to access the full report.

CR Best Practices Research Report:  CR: How Fast It’s Growing, How Much It’s Spending, And How Far It’s Going

For a couple of years, the CROA, along with NYSE Euronext and CR Magazine, the CROA sponsored the world's largest, most comprehensive survey of corporate responsibility best practices.  Surveys have gone to every company traded on the NYSE Euronext Indexes as well as to the CROA's and CR Magazine’s database of public and private companies.

The full report is available to all CROA members.

Click here to download the Executive Summary.  

CROA Members, click here to log in then return to the "Research" page to download the full report.

The 2011 CR Magazine/NYSE Euronext Best Practices Research Report is now closed. If you’d like to participate in the 2012 Survey, please email your contact information to our research team at [email protected] We will be sure to include you when we start surveying our practitioners worldwide.

Best Corporate Citizens Benchmarking

Now any company can compare themselves with the very best corporate citizens.  Working with CR Magazine the CROA will open up the database for any company to compare themselves against any group of companies in the Russell 1000 on the over 300 data elements across the seven categories used to rank the transparency and accountability of these firms.
These benchmarks are available for a small fee to CROA Corporate Members.  Academic organizations and NGOs can obtain these data for free for third party research programs.

Contact Vince Albergato at [email protected] for information.

Sustainable Value Chain Research

The sustainable value chain research project is an effort to find out what works in making a value chain (supply chain, distributors, partner organizations, etc.) sustainable. A large number of organizations are looking to make their value chains more sustainable, and this research will help them know the best ways to make that happen.

We plan to launch a preliminary survey mid-January 2012 with the expectation of completing this first round of research in March 2012.

Click here to download the research prospectus.

Click here if you are interested in participating in the research.


Partner Research Programs

We work with various academic and other respected research organizations to further the field of corporate responsibility.  Please find sample research reports below.  Additional reports are available for members only.


Templates for Corporate Responsibility Practitioners

CRO Association Professional Development Handouts
Chaired by Kevin Moss, BT, and the members of the CROA Professional Development Committee 









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