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April 09, 2012
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Title of Position:
Director, Foundation/Philanthropy; Executive Director, Foundation Giving

Reports to:
Vice President, Corporate Responsibility

Primary purpose of the position:
This individual establishes, leads, and manages, a non-profit charitable foundation, which awards grants annually to a variety of organizations in communities where we do business. Responsible for overall strategic planning, revenue generation, financial management, organizational development, staff management, and program operations.


  • Identify the needs for the delivery of services in the community which provide opportunities for innovative grant making within the mission of the Foundation;
  • Exercise the role of facilitator around community issues, convening relevant parties, building relationships and new institutional arrangements;
  • Initiate ideas and provide policy and procedural information and guidance as needed by potential grantees;
  • Represent the Foundation through public speaking engagements, various committee participation, and contacts with community groups;
  • Oversee compliance with local, state, and federal laws necessary to keep the Foundation in good standing and maintaining its legal status
  • Review requests for grant relevance and appropriateness to Foundation priorities;
  • Review financial condition and management competency of potential grantees to assure the capability of the organization to meet the objectives and performance standards of the potential grant;
  • Assure the accurate and timely distribution of authorized funds to grantees;
  • Develop reporting mechanisms for grant recipients to monitor the achievement of grant objectives within financial and programmatic guidelines;
  • Following consultation with the Grants Committee of the Board, prepare for Board meeting agenda, a summary of requests for funds being recommended and analysis papers relevant to requests and provide reports of the progress of grants;
  • In consultation with finance committee, provide for the implementation of financial systems required for proper administration;
  • Assist the Finance Committee in preparing and presenting financial reports to the Board;
  • Prepare annual budget of the Foundation;
  • Arrange for ongoing strategic planning with Board Committee to evaluate goals, objectives, and priorities of the grant making process of the Foundation; and

Internal working relationships:

  • Foundation board of directors, Finance committee, public relations, CR team

External working relationships:

  • NGOs, local/state/fed officials, press and analysts



  • Ten years' senior management experience in either the not-for-profit or for-profit environments.
  • Ability to interact with Senior Management, Board of Directors, & Foundation Board
  • Ability to channel and synthesize expectations and needs of multiple constituencies.
  • Experience in working with an international community of people and organizations.
  • Knowledge of managing funds
  • Knowledge of government regulations for Foundation
  • Knowledge of community needs and initiatives
  • The ability to prioritize and tackle multiple tasks and see the "big picture"
  • Experience in setting strategic direction and driving it.
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Conflict resolution skills


  • Effective at leading and managing highly independent and self-motivated employees and volunteers.
  • A highly regarded professional stature and credibility, coupled with strong leadership skills.
  • Maturity and sound judgment are essential.
  • Should have an open and inclusive management style and be comfortable with working and resolving issues "in a fishbowl."
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