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January 04, 2012
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Job Description - Corporate Responsibility Officer
Alternative Titles

Executive Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Executive Vice President, Corporate Citizenship

Reports to:
President, CEO, EVP or equivalent

Primary purpose of the position:   
This CR visionary and strategist is responsible for designing an overarching CR strategy for the Company and for crafting relevant goals, policies and programs.
Expand and elevate the Company’s understanding of the expectations of consumers, customers, employees, investors and the broader society with respect to responsible corporate citizenship.
Work closely with senior leaders, leading the effort to fulfill the commitment to CR in the design and implementation of the business strategies and operational objectives of the company.
Interact frequently with the Company’s Executive Leadership Team and leaders of business and corporate functions, mobilize the organization and collaborate in the development and implementation of CR policies and programs.
Serve as steward/champion across the entire CR landscape.


  • Best Practices. Advise the Company’s leadership on global best practices with respect to CR. Monitor and analyze the strategies, policies and programs of other similarly sized companies, to companies in the same vertical sector and to corporate leaders.
  • Risk/Benefit Analysis. Assist the Company in assessing the societal and business risks and opportunities with respect to CR. Assess, prioritize, monitor and address potential challenges and risks. Elevate emerging issues where appropriate.
  • Policy and Program Development. In collaboration with key internal stakeholders across the Company’s business units and functions, drive the development and execution of policies and programs that are consistent with the strategic framework and objectives of this program and aligned with other business strategies.
  • Goals and Measurement. In collaboration with senior leadership, develop appropriate goals and metrics and process for measuring the Company’s performance with respect to CR.
  • Stakeholder Engagement. Lead stakeholder engagement for the Company. Build strategic alliances and coalitions with key constituency groups (local, national and international political, social, and environmental leaders) whose work and missions are aligned with the Company’s priorities.
  • Business Integration. Develop CR capabilities within the organization. Educate and link different groups and functions. Ensure the implementation of policies, strategies and programs on a global basis.
  • Communications. Work effectively with the internal and external public relations and communications teams to advance the Company’s reputation with respect to CR. Represent the company in diverse complex and high- profile situations globally.
  • Management. Direct the coordination of enterprise-wide CR initiatives. Direct specific project management to ensure that CR programs, initiatives, and related activities are successfully executed. Direct the day-to-day management of CR processes and programs to ensure that the mission is maximized and resources are used effectively and efficiently.
  • Fiscal Oversight. Through the CR strategic and operational planning process, develop an understanding of the fiscal impact of the Company’s goals and priorities in this area. Develop an annual operating budget.

Internal Working Relationships:

  • Senior leadership across the company
  • Governing board committee or senior steering committee
  • Line level employees

External Working Relationships:

  • Media, financial and industry analysts, community groups, NGOs, policymakers
  • Active participation in well-regarded professional organizations that focus on corporate citizenship


  • Senior-level, progressive experience managing a CR program or related program or function.
  • Visionary thought and action leader with significant experience in and previous management responsibility for issues and activities related to CR and reporting in a global corporate setting.
  • Sophisticated understanding of the global CR landscape, key global CR issues and best practices, along with knowledge of the roles of private, nonprofit and public sectors.
  • Content expertise in at least two CR issue areas; e.g., environment, manufacturing and sourcing, supply chain issues, diversity, community involvement, etc.
  • Prior experience in devising and/or implementing a CR program; e.g., work on strategy, policy development, program development, goal setting, reporting, internal management systems, etc.
  • Demonstrated ability to anticipate trends and issues in business and society that affect the Company’s CR agenda and reputation.
  • Excellent written communications skills; excellent oral skills, including public speaking, meeting facilitation and presentations.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data.
  • Strong business and financial acumen.
  • Bachelor’s degree


  • MBA or advanced degree in relevant field preferred.
  • Experience within industry
  • Experience within company
  • Specific experience in one of the key disciplines: environment, community relations, supply chain, diversity, etc.
  • Previous international/global experience
  • 10 years of experience with high-profile branded organization in a leadership role

Personal Qualifications/Attributes

  • A visionary, creative, strategic thinker and self-starter who is proactive and entrepreneurial.
  • Commitment to and passion for CR.
  • Innovative thinker who can constructively challenge conventional ways of thinking and introduce new ideas.
  • A strong and effective leader who can drive alignment and execution across a matrixed organization.
  • A broad proactive mindset, exceptional listening, framing and strategic abilities, and superb skills at creating new possibilities.
  • Ability to understand challenges or underlying concerns, share ideas and develop effective responses or elevate to higher management.
  • Resilient and able to adapt to significant challenges.
  • Excellent interpersonal, advocacy and political skills.
  • Strong customer service commitment for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ability to establish and meet deadlines; ability to establish clear priorities quickly.
  • Excellent reputation for integrity and judgment.
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