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January 25, 2011

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DO YOU KNOW...How to stay off the Black List? CROA Raises the Bar & Lowers the Barriers to Improvement

Posted October 6, 2010

The CROA is simultaneously raising the bar and lowering the barrier to improving corporate responsibilty.  Throughout 2010 we've reviewed the ranking system used to create CR's Black List and its Best Corporate Citizens Lists while also working on a Code of Ethics.  Now these efforts come together with specific tools companies can use to create more ethical cultures.



Corporate Responsibility Officers Need an Ethics Code!

Posted October 4, 2010

Doctors have an ethics code. PR professionals, accountants, lawyers, ombudsman, engineers and ethics officers all have ethics codes.  In many ways, a well crafted ethics code defines a profession; it gives guidance to its practitioners to support the most taxing judgment calls they will have to make and articulates its defining values to those outside the profession. As the conscience of many organizations, it's time for Corporate Responsibility professionals to follow suit.

CROA's Professional Development Committee Chair calls CR professionals to define an ethics code.


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