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August 22, 2011
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No Allowance for Responsibility: A Childhood Dilemma

My wife had taken our two younger children out to run a few errands leaving me with our oldest boy. A little while after they left, he came up to me saying he had a surprise for me: he'd emptied the dishwasher. He's six. He'd done it all by himself without me asking him or showing him how.

That night, my sister-in-law came over for dinner and I proudly shared this little tidbit, hoping to reinforce the behavior with some public praise. My sister-in-law immediately said to him, "You should ask for an allowance. You should get paid."   Hold on. What?  And how does this relate to the business case for CR? 

Shifting the burden of proof

 Posted Mar 19, 2011

Don't rush off to build that business case just yet.  CEOs and CFOs that say, "prove the business case first," fail the test of intellectual honesty.  Moreover, Best-in-Class responsibility programs start with a commitment to doing the right thing first and then figuring out how to earn a return on responsibilty.  Don't get sucked into the intellectual bullying.  It's time to shift the burden of proof:  commit to doing the right thing and then figure out how to do it in a way that earns an ROI.  



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