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October 22, 2011
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Job Description Vice President, Corporate Responsibility 
Title of position:
Director, Vice-President, Manager / Corporate Responsibility (CR),
Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate

Reports to:

Primary purpose of the position:
This is an operational role, providing implementation for CR initiatives and managing a team of CR experts. 
Identify trends in the external and internal environment, recognize risks and opportunities and use insights gained to formulate a comprehensive competitive strategy for the business relative to appropriate corporate citizenship challenges and to integrate corporate citizenship practices with the current business model.
Focus is on environmental, social and economic sustainability.


  • Create and implement corporate citizenship programs, policies, and procedures
  • Represent corporate citizenship strategy with other senior leadership functions to drive integration and accountability as critical component of business success
  • Embed corporate responsibility practices into all operations across organizational boundaries
  • Measure and report CR initiatives and activities
  • Lead the team that creates impactful internal and external communications influencing and inspiring others to take action and ensuring broad-based support for corporate responsibility
  • Create impactful internal and external communications influencing and inspiring others to take action and ensuring broad-based support for corporate citizenship strategy
  • Represent the company in public forums to improve stakeholder relations and corporate reputation
  • Identify risks and opportunities to the business based on stakeholder expectations and design proactive mitigation and response strategies

Internal working relationships: 

  • Operate across organizational boundaries driving the company’s corporate citizenship policy, strategy and goal implementation with limited direct authority over business leaders who must be influenced
  • Work with, communicate, influence and build consensus among other senior leadership across the company to advance corporate citizenship policies and programs
  • Regularly update governing board committee or senior steering committee on advancement of corporate citizenship goals
  • Build trusting internal relationships as a central point of contact and expert in corporate citizenship decision-making regarding issues affecting company stakeholders and reputation across businesses (supply chain management, stakeholder relations, environmental affairs, etc…)
  • Motivate and engage line level employees

External working relationships:

  • Build strong trusting relationships with key external stakeholders such as community groups, NGOs, policymakers, media, etc.
  • Build and maintain a healthy and cooperative network of peer counterparts in other organizations useful for gathering information and sharing ideas regarding corporate citizenship
  • Represent the company and maintain active participation in well-regarded professional organizations that focus on corporate citizenship


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strategic planner and influencer, creative thinker, innovator, visionary leader, resilient, passion for corporate citizenship, driven, entrepreneurial, cultural acuity, business acumen, charming relationship builder
  • Experience in crafting communications aimed at influencing individuals throughout all levels of a global company (C-Suite through individual contributors)
  • Experience dealing with complex and sensitive issues included under the corporate citizenship umbrella – globalization, sustainability, multi-stakeholder partnerships, community involvement, human rights, sustainable supply chain management, climate change, crisis-management, etc.
  • Emotional, political and business acumen
  • Proven ability to influence across organizational boundaries
  • High level of appreciation for and ability to conceptualize crucial stakeholder relationships


  • Master’s degree
  • Experience within industry
  • Experience within company
  • Specific experience in one of the key disciplines: environment, community relations, supply chain, diversity, etc.
  • Previous international/global experience
  • 10 years of experience with high-profile branded organization in a leadership role
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