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August 23, 2010

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Benefits and Dues

All Members of the CROA enjoy the following benefits. Specific benefits by membership level follow below.

  • Recognition as an Industry Leader: Members of the CROA are recognized leaders in Corporate Responsibility. Through the Board of Governors and its committees, members directly impact the maturation of the industry.
  • Membership Directory: All CROA members are indexed by organization, and area of expertise so you can quickly connect with peers who share you interests, or use it connect to a responsibility provider who can bring expertise needed for your business.
  • Standards & Practices: The CROA is the standards-setting body for the industry and is building a rigorous process to identify, test, and establish accepted and best practices as well as standards.
  • Extend your Brand: Members of the CROA can submit case studies, white papers, and articles for publication on our website and within newsletters
  • Corporate Responsibility Awards: The Association’s annual awards process and Awards Gala recognize the best-of-the-best in the industry.
  • Independent Peer Network: Participate in a peer network who can provide information, best practices, case studies, and ‘lessons learned’ from other members of the corporate community who have shared your experience in building and purchasing responsible solutions with a vision for organizational success.
  • Accelerate Good Decision Making: Much of the decision-making process in Corporate Responsibility  involves understanding the benefits and risks of various approaches and vendors. The Association acts as a clearinghouse where peers, providers, and other experts contribute their content. As such, the Association is the only independent repository where decision-makers can review in a transparent and comparable setting the different approaches currently in use in the market.
  • Access Peer-Reviewed Content: The Association has set stringent guidelines for accepting, developing, and publishing content. These guidelines include a specific process for peer review, ensuring that peer reviewed items have undergone a rigorous examination by experts in the appropriate field.
  • Receive Executive Briefings: Free attendance for practitioner members at local events scheduled around topics related to topics which benefit our corporate practitioners. These closed sessions are by invitation only and offer unique access to thought leaders on pertinent topics for responsibility executives at all stages.
  • Attend CRO Summits: Free attendance at the annual CRO Summits. Since 2003 these have been the leading events on GRC, CSR, Sustainability and Philanthropy issues bringing together executives from leading corporations engaged in transforming their company’s responsible standards and practices.
  • Access Content: Access editorial and special marketing opportunities through CRO Magazine,, and the CROnewletters.
  • Research – All members receive Module 1 of the CR 100 Best Corporate Citizens survey, and Module 1 of the CR Best Practices Survey, conducted in conjunction with the NYSE Euronext. For more information click HERE.

There are several different membership categories detailed below. To sign up for membership, please click here to join CROA or contact Vince Albergato at [email protected] for more information.

For more information on the CROA, please click here.

Individual Membership & Subscription:  US$1,495 / € 1,000
Eligibility:  Sole proprietors, unaffiliated individuals, non-profits, NGOs, academics, & companies with revenues less than US$10M.      

CROA Benefits

  • One registered member of the CROA.
  • Participation in committees, interest groups, webinars, and educational events.
  • Access to member-only content, third party research, & newsfeeds.
  • CROA members-only newsletter

SharedXpertise Benefits

  • One pass to CRO Summit.

Mid-Sized Corporate Membership & Subscription.  US$3,485 / € 3,000
Eligibility:  Companies with US$10M to US$150M in annual revenue.

CROA Benefits:

  • All the above benefits, plus
  • Two registered members of the CROA.
  • Membership in CROA LinkedIn community.
  • Ten-minute CR achievement video slot in the Corporate Responsibility Week online web-broadcast 13-15 December, 2010.

SharedXpertise Benefits

  • Two passes to any CRO Summit.
  • Two subscriptions to CR Magazine.
  • Access to summary analysis of the Best Corporate Citizens Benchmark’ Report
  • Access to summary analysis of the Corporate Responsibility ''Best Practices' survey done in conjunction with NYSE Euronext

Large-Sized Corporate Membership & Subscription.  US$6,995 / € 6,000
Eligibility:  Companies over US$150M in annual revenue.

CROA Benefits:

  • All the benefits above, plus
  • Up to four registered members of the CROA.
  • Advance access to your company’s 100 Best Corporate Citizens Data File (to submit corrections prior to list publication).

SharedXpertise Benefits

  • All the benefits above, plus
  • Up to four passes to any CRO Summit.
  • Up to four subscriptions to CR Magazine.
  • Discounts on additional analysis & benchmarking for above research reports.

Premium Corporate Membership & Subscription.  US$20,000 / €16,000
Eligibility:  All companies.

CROA Benefits:

  • All of the benefits above, plus
  • Unlimited access to CROA Roundtables (see below for more details)

SharedXpertise Benefits:

  • All benefits listed above, plus
  • Ten Company 100 Best Benchmarking report
  • Six passes to all CROA sponsored events
  • Company profile in CR Magazine
  • Detailed data analysis by industry of the 'Best Practices in Corporate Responsibility' survey



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