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July 22, 2014
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CRO Knowledge, Skills and Attributes
April 2010


“knowledge applies to facts or ideas acquired by study, investigation, observation, or experience” – Merriam Webster

Stakeholder Engagement
Economic Sustainability
Social Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability


“a learned power of doing something competently” – Merriam Webster

Strategic Planning
Change Management (Leadership)
Risk Management


“a word ascribing a quality” – Merriam Webster

Proactive and organized
Process focused
People sensitive

CRO Qualification: Risk Management

Role of the Corporate Responsibility Officer Regarding Risk

The CRO may directly manage, facilitate or participate in processes to reduce the likelihood or negative impact of unplanned future events. The Corporate Responsibility Officer’s role is to assist in identifying, assessing, responding and monitoring opportunities and risks to achieve business goals consistent with the organization’s shared values.

Risk Management Knowledge

Demonstrates knowledge of risk management concepts and is able to apply these concepts in one or more of areas below. Able to provide specific examples of actual involvement with risk management.

Assessing Risk

Conducts Risk Assessments
Builds Risk Models
Identifies New Risks

Managing Risk

Implements Risk Responses
Avoiding Risk
Transferring Risk (Insurance)
Reducing Risk

Monitoring Risk

Develops Risk Reporting Metrics
Reports on Risks
Within Context and Internal, External and Short Term and Long Term

Knowledge of Risks

Geographic Standards
Industry Standards
Discipline Standards

ISO 31000:2009 (Risk Management: Principles and Guidelines)

CRO Qualification: Environment

Role of the Corporate Responsibility Officer Regarding Environment

The CRO may directly manage, facilitate or participate in activities to monitor and protect the ecological systems that may be impacted by the organization. The Corporate Responsibility Officer’s role is to assist in identifying, assessing, responding and monitoring environmental risks and opportunities in the company.

Environmental Management Knowledge

Demonstrates knowledge of environmental concepts and is able to apply these concepts in one or more of the areas below. Able to provide specific examples of actual involvement with environmental programs and processes.

Environmental stakeholder engagement
Resource use, reuse and conservation
Resource loss and environmental impacts of lost resources
Resources used and lost in the supply chain and logistics
Resources used and lost in product use and end-of-life
Protection of the environment and restoration of natural habitats
Community and other NGO partnerships for environmental protection, mitigation and/or restoration
Other environmental issues (e.g., climate change mitigation and adaptation, water use and community issues, toxic and hazardous materials, ozone depleting substances)

ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System Standard)
ISO 26000 Draft (Social Responsibility Guidelines, section on Environmental Responsibility)


CRO Qualification: Innovation

Role of the Corporate Responsibility Officer Regarding Innovation

The CRO may directly lead, manage, facilitate or participate in the development or refinement of new products, services and/or processes within the organization.

Innovation Knowledge

Demonstrates knowledge of innovation concepts and is able to apply these concepts in one or more of the areas below. Able to provide specific examples of actual experience with innovation.

New Product Development Processes, Tools and Metrics
Customer and Market Research
Linkage to Strategy and Planning
Linkage to Teams, People and Organizational Issues
Portfolio Management
Technology and Intellectual Property
Product Development Managers Association (PDMA) Body of Knowledge,

CRO Qualification: Governance

Role of the Corporate Responsibility Officer Regarding Governance

The CRO may directly or indirectly influence the process and structure to oversee, manage and run the organization.

Governance Knowledge

Demonstrates knowledge of governance concepts and is able to apply these concepts in one or more of the areas below. Able to provide specific examples of actual experience with influencing the governance structure of the organization.

Board of Directors & Committees, structure, independence, and competency
Business Practices & Ethics
Legal & Regulatory
Disclosure & Transparency
Enterprise Risk Management
Communication & Trust

National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) (
Crowe Horwath LLP Corporate Governance Framework

Attribute Definitions

Ethical – fair, truthful, sincere, honest and discreet
Open-minded – willing to consider alternative ideas or points of view; be inquisitive and ask a lot of questions; listens well
Proactive and organized – takes the initiative with issues and is personally organized
Systematic – shows a balanced affiliation for both tasks and people
Logical – makes decisions based on facts and reasoned logic
Decisive – reaches timely conclusions based on logical reasoning and analysis; expedites decisions methodically
Diplomatic – relates to others and shows tact in appropriate situations
Observant – shows the ability to identify both patterns and exceptions in complex situations; actively aware of physical surroundings and activities
Perceptive – instinctively aware of and able to understand situations
Flexible – shows a balanced global and detail focus
Process focused- demonstrates the ability to follow a pre-determined method; sees the interconnections between core product and service processes and the host of supporting processes
People sensitive – is sensitive to and can identify a person’s emotional state
Versatile – adjusts readily to different situations
Tenacious – persistent, focused on achieving results
Self-reliant – acts and functions independently while interacting effectively with different types of people in a range of situations and copes with change

Confident – demonstrates certainty and competency and reacts well to a variety of challenges demonstrating calm and poise in such challenging situations.

CROA-PD-KSA-DeepDive.pdf49.93 KB

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