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January 13, 2011

Home » Ethical Dilemma #4: Equal Rights & Equal Risks? – A Truth vs. Loyalty Dilemma


Bob oversees research and development for MicroCool, the high tech firm where you serve as CRO. Bob’s group has recently undertaken groundbreaking research that uses heavy earths and other highly toxic compounds in fabrication, one of which some clinical research shows a connection with birth defects. The research is not dispositive and may or may not bear out. Mary, a scientist working for Bob, has requested a transfer to work on the project. Bob tells you he knows Mary is not pregnant now but intends to have children in the future. He doesn’t want to approve her transfer but is concerned that if he doesn’t she may file discrimination charges.[1]
Based on the CROA ethics code, how do you advise Bob?

[1] A similar scenario appears in How Good People Make Tough Choices.


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