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August 26, 2011
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Best Corporate Citizens Lists
Recognizing practices, measurement and disclosure

For over 11 years, CR Magazine has recognized the world’s leaders in corporate governance, risk, compliance, sustainability, and philanthropy in the annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens List. Increasingly decision-makers recognize the importance of these disciplines and how they are linked together. So much so that the 100 Best List is now in the top three most sought after lists to be on by Global 500 CEOs.

The 100 Best are selected using over 300 publicly-available data points gathered for us by IW Financial across seven separate domains: Environment, Climate Change, Human Rights, Employee Relations, Philanthropy, Governance, and Financial performance. Too often these factors are looked at in isolation. The 100 Best Methodology is the only set of criteria that takes a fully integrated, “balanced scorecard” approach.

On June 29th, 2010, CR Magazine in partnership with the CROA Corporate Excellence for Government Roundtable will unveil the inaugural Best Corporate Citizens in Government Contracting List. The list usesthe same methodology as 100 Best, cross-referencing the results with the largest 100 government contractors from  In subsequent years, the Corporate Excellence for Government Roundtable members will convene to propose additional criteria and research to supplement the methodology and ensure its relevance to this market.  In this way the Roundtable will steward this recognition program as an instrument to increase corporate responsibility practices, measures and disclosure across the government contractor community.

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