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January 17, 2010

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Memo to Jay: Watt’s Up, Watt’s Down With This?

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Dear Jay Whitehead (aka, my boss): I hear you say this almost every day–that is, the Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) profession is the fastest-growing career track in the hemisphere. And, the industry is spending more boatloads of billions of dollars annually than I can count.So, I see what you mean.Check out a few headlines about developments that made me briefly turn away from the New York Mets’ collapse and the Isiah Thomas/Madison Square Garden sexual harassment case (talk about blunders in crisis communications) over the last few days.


CRO Conference Report: Three Big Things, Including a Very Disturbing Development

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Here’s the deal. The CRO Conference has got you curious for one of two reasons. You were there and because so much went on you’re afraid you missed something. Or you weren’t and you’ve got the same fear. In addition to 1,000 little things, three big things happened Sept. 12 — one of the items is difficult to hear. Failing to recap all 3 would be a mistake.

On the Carpet at the CRO Conference

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What struck me yesterday during a focus group, the cocktail hour, numerous one-on-one conversations and panel discussions today at the CRO Conference in Chicago, is just how much the corporate responsibility industry is in flux.

Calling Al Gore ... Calling Tony Blair

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Timberland dialed up a conference call the other day, featuring president and CEO Jeffrey Swartz and CSR subcommittee chairman Bill Shore to trumpet the release of the company’s new CSR report.
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