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September 25, 2013
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Spring is considered by most to be a time of renewal.  This tradition has been embraced by the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA).  I am Bob Pojasek, and I am the Executive Chair of the CROA.  This is my first blog post for the CROA and I will be doing this monthly going forward.    Very soon, we will be launching our new newsletter, a new website and a new LinkedIn site.  CROA will be holding its own track within CR Magazine’s Commit!Forum in New York City on October 8-9, 2013.  There are many other changes in progress.

As the Chair of the CROA Executive Board, I welcome you to become involved.  Our Advisory Board crafted a statement of what this association is dedicated to accomplish.  “CROA seeks to educate and engage leaders in all sectors to understand the importance of corporate responsibility and sustainability as a key part of how their organization operates.  Our membership will guide these leaders through education, involvement and peer-to-peer initiatives.”  

Despite the newness of each of these items, the real news is that we plan to embrace the practice of listening to the “Voice of the Customer.”  Since the founding of our predecessor professional association, a number of organizations have been formed to address the needs of the practitioners in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability.  Many of these organizations have been established by interest groups, universities, consulting firms and media companies.  CROA will distinguish itself by providing a membership association that is free from influence given our tax exempt status.  You will be learning more about why the CROA should be your choice for peer-to-peer exchange of information that is critical to your success as a corporate responsibility and sustainability practitioner. 

Our dedication to renewal will not stop when summer arrives in a few weeks.  I can feel the excitement of all of our dedicated members that are working so hard to provide a new sense of purpose for CROA.  We are constantly reminded of the statement that appears in every financial prospectus – “Past performance is no indication of future results!”  The CROA is dedicated to its “looking forward” perspective in a profession that is mesmerized with its historic ESG results – all lagging indicators.

Please contact us and let us know what we can do to serve your professional needs.   

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